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Live Below Your Means, Learn a Second Language, Pay Your Debt - Interview with Alex Chausovsky

Episode Summary

Alex Chausovsky is currently responsible for providing reliable industryand company forecasts, presentations, webinars, and economic consulting services for small businesses, trade associations, and Fortune 500 companies across a spectrum of industries. With his vast knowledge in macroeconomics, he has a lot of important tips for the younger generations. To book a speaker from ITR Economics, please call 603.796.2500 or email Visit and stay in touch with us through our blog and social media.

Episode Notes

The Money Talkers Podcast is a financial literacy and entrepreneurial podcast available on apple podcast, and podcast on Spotify. The Money Talkers Podcast is a great podcast how to start or how-to in becoming financially literate, making money decisions. The Money Talkers podcast isn't a podcast Ben Shapiro, or a podcast true crime, or podcast serial, it doesn't have podcast Joe Rogan or Dave Ramsey, but it is a free podcast with out podcast Brene Brown. The Money Talkers Podcast is the best podcast for ages 5-105. 


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