Money Talkers

Did your parents talk to you about Money? Entrepreneurship? Successful Mindsets? Personal Finance? Oh, that's right, you learned it in school. Wait, What? You didn't? Well, then you must be teaching all of these subjects to your kids. Oh, you're having a hard time talking to your kids about Money? Well you're not alone.

The two most anxiety inducing subjects for parents to talk to the kids about are the "birds and the bees" and money. Listen to the Money Talkers with your host Cody Loughlin as we break down how the high achievers in society were able to overcome the same missing talks that you had and how they are raising their children. You'll get amazing information, useful tactics, mindset secrets and so much more from award winning entrepreneurs, YouTube stars, Forbes 500 winners, best selling authors and so much more.... At the end of this podcast you won't just learn, you'll be armed with actionable conversation so that you and your family can re-write your money story as Money Talkers!!